Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

Well, Teacher Appreciation Week crept up on me, and I was very unprepared!  So after some thought and serious web searching I came up with this super easy and super cute idea!  Trust me if you are looking for a homemade gift for the teacher in your child's life it does not get any easier than this.

For the first step (sorry I do not have a picture, but I promise it is easy) you want to pick a picture frame.  I used a standard 8X10.  Any size will work but I thought this size gave the most space to write without it being overly big.  If you plan to hang it on the wall you may want to go bigger, but I envision the teacher propping it up on her desk.
Next you are going to want to pick a piece of scrapbook paper that coordinates with your theme.  My daughter liked this one the best because it looked like a chalk board.  You will want to cut the paper to the size of the frame.  I used the picture insert to trace the exact size and then cut it on the paper cutter.  Regular scissors will work.
Next you can add embellishments to your piece of scrap book paper.  My daughter chose red letters to spell out her teacher's name, but you could also use decorative stickers, buttons, or other cute embellishments.  Once you are done decorating your scrap book paper the next step is to slide it into the picture frame the same way you would a picture. 
Next I took a dry erase marker and wrapped it in Velcro and then put a tab of Velcro on the back of the picture frame in order to stick the dry erase marker directly to the back of the frame for easy access.  You could also put it on the top if this is to be a hanging dry erase board.

Lastly my daughter and I created a cute bow for the corner to accent the frame.  I wrote with dry erase on the front of the board so that you could see how it worked.  Before we wrapped the gift I wiped it clean and my daughter wrote a personalized message to her teacher on the front thanking her for being such a wonderful teacher :)

And that is how easy it really is!!  I am thinking about using this same formula for a Mother's Day gift.  Hopefully I will have a chance to work on it tomorrow...I will post my picture if I do :)


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