Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to help tornado victims in Alabama

While I normally post deals, coupons, freebies, etc., I want to take a break from that tonight and let you all know about an area that can really use our help.  Tonight while reading Couponing to Disney (another blog)  I realized that Kristin from Couponing to Disney lives in an area of Alabama that was hard hit by the recent rash of tornadoes.  I do not know Kristin personally, but I am a long -time reader of her blog.  She has shared many ways that we can all help the victims of these horrible tornadoes, and she has given her personal assurance that anything you send will be distributed directly to those who need it the most.  Please consider helping in any way that you can...even used items would be a blessing to the victims.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, and no need to worry I promise to post more great deals, freebies, and coupons tomorrow :)

 Ways to help:
Copied from Couponing to Disney
Online: You can ship items directly to the church via Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. A few people have ordered cases of diapers, wipes and even food. Anything that you want to send would be appreciated!
Share it: Please feel free to share this information via your blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. The more people that know of this option, the better!
Used items: We will gladly accept used clothing, shoes, and household items. Please use your own judgment on if they are in good shape or not.
Wednesday my town was hit by a tornado. We suffered loss of homes, businesses, vehicles, etc. Praise the Lord we did not suffer many losses of life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t over. Later in the day, more tornadoes touched the ground in Alabama killing at least 250 people. They are reporting that the tornadoes were EF3, EF4 and EF5s (which is the worst kind).
Southerners are in dire need of some of the most basic necessities and I am working with my local church to start an online donation drive to help the victims of these storms. If you have any items that you would love to mail to us, we will gladly take them. Here are a few things that we are in need of:
New items:
Can openers
dog collars and leashes
pet beds for the shelters
paper plates and plastic silverware
Previously listed items:
dishwashing soap
laundry detergent
hand sanitizer
clothing in all sizes
shoes in all sizes
small toys for displaced children
ziploc bags
bandaids and other first aid products
femine products
baby formula
baby food
toilet paper
individual juices
pet food and treats
We will gladly take anything that you are willing to send.
You can mail your donations to my church. We will ensure they get into the right hands. You have my personal guarantee that all donations will be distributed:
Disaster Relief
c/o First Baptist Church of Moody
902 Church Street
Moody, AL 35004
If you would like to send a monetary donation, please memo your check as Disaster Relief.
And above all, we request your prayers. God bless!


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